Ace!  BBCVFX - A History of the BBC Visual Effects Department by Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker  Impossible Worlds - A 50 Year Treasury of Art and Design by Steve Nicholas and Mike Tucker


Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island  Doctor Who: Snowglobe 7  The Darksmith Legacy Book 9: The Art of War  Alien Adventures, including Rain of Terror by Mike Tucker  Rain of Terror by Mike Tucker

 Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift   Doctor Who - The Crawling Terror   Doctor Who - Diamond Dogs   Doctor Who - The Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Merlin: Valiant  Merlin: The Labyrinth of Gedref  Merlin: The Traitor Within

   Project X - Alien Adventures: The Rip in the Wardrobe   Project X - Alien Adventures: Tornado Riders   Project X Code Extra - Pyramid Peril: Lost Underground   Project X Origins - Time's Pendulum

Doctor Who: Illegal Alien  Doctor Who: Matrix  Doctor Who: Storm Harvest  Doctor Who: Prime Time  Doctor Who: Loving the Alien

Doctor Who: Illegal Alien (Monster Collection Edition)

audio adventures

The Genocide Machine  Dust Breeding   Doctor Who - The Warehouse   Doctor Who - Order of the Daleks

The Nightmare of Black Island read by Anthony Head     

The Stone's Lament   The Bellotron Incident   The Sign of Diolyx